About Us

Bulgu Araştırma is a professional research organization established in 1990 to conduct marketing research and social / political research.

Group Discussions

Bulgu Araştırma, realizes group discussions through its own database. Group discussions are held in the meeting room arranged according to the conditions specified by the customer. The group discussions can be watched live from the mirror room isolated from the participants.

Digital environment

Bulgu Araştırma has the technological infrastructure and personnel suitable for the interviews to be realized by telephone or face-to-face digital media on the basis of its own or customer-supplied data banks. Finding saves time and budget with its CATI and CAPI system.

Face to Face Meetings

Bulgu Araştırma, conducts face-to-face interviews with its own trained and experienced interviewers. The interviewer, who underwent general surveyor training and trainings specific to each project, is active in the field with a certain audit mechanism. All staff can go on the field after receiving behavioral training.


Our research

Bulgu, produces applicable solutions by thinking with the customer. In all projects, it provides the most accurate data in the shortest time and in the most cost-effective manner with the common reasoning principle with its expert staff.